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Three of the workshops that Brad presents are:
Become a Master Negotiator
Become a Master Presenter
Become a Master Leader

“Brad McRae is a Master Teacher.  In North America, he is one of the best at teaching “win-win” negotiating skills.”


Miriam Carver, President

The Carver Institute, Montreal






Workshops by Dr. Brad McRae, CSP

Leaders have the profound opportunity, that by dent of their vision, their perseverance and their character, they can touch a life and make the world a better place. ~ Brad McRae

Brad McRae’s keynotes focus on increasing personal productivity through the development of effective Leadership, Negotiation and Presentation Skills.  The Leadership – Negotiation – Presentation Triad is that place where Leadership, Negotiation, and Presentation Skills and Strategies come together in a way that is so seamless that you can not tell where one begins and the other ends.  Brad’s workshops and seminars are designed for participants to develop each individual set of skills and strategies and to incorporate these three parts into a seamless whole.

Three of Brad's most requested workshops are:

  • Become a Master Negotiator
  • Become a Master Presenter 
  • Become a Master Leader

Each topic can be presented in a 3 hour seminar, 2 day workshop or 1 hour keynote address format. Brad also designs tailor-made programs to meet an organization’s unique needs. 

Brad offers you more than a pre-packaged presentation. Your organization and your needs are special. The formula to guarantee relevance is as follows:

Before the Presentation:

All presentations are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each particular audience. This customized approach is accomplished by meeting with the meeting planner(s) to discuss the presentation before the seminar and by contacting several members of the audience prior to the presentation to insure that the material presented is appropriate.

After the Presentation: 

Participants are asked to evaluate the presentation on such factors as clarity, organization and effectiveness, by means of rating scales. They are also asked to assess what they learned from the presentation and to suggest improvements. A summary of the evaluations is sent to the meeting planner.  Lastly participants walk away with resources so that they can continue the learning process and to transfer the learning to their workplace.

All seminars and presentations are guaranteed.   If you are not satisfied, there is no charge for the seminar. 


Become a Master Negotiator

Studies show that managers and professionals spend up to twenty-five percent of their time negotiating and resolving conflicts. Therefore, the success of these managers and supervisors and the success of their organizations rest heavily on developing effective negotiating skills. 

This presentation is based on Dr. McRae’s book: The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators.  During the research and writing of this book, he interviewed Master Negotiators from across Canada. The three criteria that were used to select the Master Negotiators that were interviewed were: 1) they had to make Canada or the world a better place, 2) they had to have predominately used their negotiating and influencing skills to have done so, and 3) they had to be from as diverse backgrounds as possible. Among the Master Negotiators that you will learn about in this presentation are Frank King, Lloyd Axworthy, Janet Conners, Bill Black, Major-General Lewis McKenzie and Buzz Hargrove.

The Seven Strategies used by Master Negotiators are:

  • Build The Future with Optimal Solutions.
  • Come to the Table Incredibly Well Prepared.
  • Create and Claim Maximum Value.
  • Develop a Clear Understanding of Your Own Negotiation Style and the Style of the People with Whom You Negotiate. 
  • Manage the Negotiation Process.
  • Build Strategic Alliances.
  • Become a Life-Long Learner

In this presentation you will learn how Master Negotiators use the right strategy in the right way, and at the right time. Master Negotiators that also have the flexibility to change the strategies and skills that they used in relation to the fluidity of the negotiation process. The purpose of this presentation is to help you become more like the Master Negotiators Brad studied by developing and enhancing your own negotiating strategies and skills.  

As a 2 day workshop participants will learn how to more effectively motivate their employees, to resolve conflicts, and to make sure that the messages they want to get across are the messages received. Workshop participants will be able to observe every aspect of the negotiation process, from initial contact to closing and then improve on them. 

Experiential simulations along with constructive and focused peer feedback are used to facilitate the learning of effective negotiating skills. Interactive case studies and simulations allow participants to try out their negotiating skills, examine the assumptions underlying their negotiating strategies, and practice more effective strategies.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have identified your preferred negotiating style and have more confidence in when to use it and when not to use it.
  • Have developed greater flexibility in choosing the best negotiating style for each particular negotiation.
  • Know how to gain a better understanding of the other person's needs.
  • Know when to confront conflict and when to ignore it. 
  • Know how to change a lose-lose situation into a win-win relationship.
  • Know how to get genuine commitment by setting mutually beneficial goals. 


Become a Master Presenter

The emphasis in Become a Master Presenter is on the development and practical application of presentation strategies and skills. These same skills and techniques can help the participant become a more effective presenter.

This program is designed to be highly interactive. It contains many exercises; each one carefully constructed, to help the participant develop and enhance their content, delivery and presentation style. The participant will learn how to make their presentations more memorable, actionable, and transferable to the workplace so that the presentation has both an immediate and a lasting impact. The participant will also learn how to obtain salient feedback so they absolutely know what is working and what needs to be improved.

This program is designed for those giving presentations whether it is a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a presentation to a small group, or an audience of a thousand.

The Seven Strategies used by Master Presenters are:

I: Know Thy Audience
II: Prepare Outstanding Content
III: Use Superior Organization
IV: Develop Dynamic Delivery
V: Make It Memorable, Actionable and Transferable
VI: Manage Yourself, Difficult Participants and Difficult Situations
VII: Total Quality Improvement