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The Atlantic Leadership Institute







The purpose of The Leadership Institute is to raise the quality of leadership in the private, public and volunteer sectors by identifying, assessing, and training a select group of high potential future leaders.  Organizations can benefit from the coaching, direction and training provided by the Leadership Institute to supplement their strategic succession plan.  The Institute’s in-depth program takes place in three stages. 

Stage One: Identification

Identification of 8 stars who will be the leaders of the future in selected organizations.  These “stars” are the talented, capable, life-long learners who have the potential to be the future leaders of their organizations.  Each candidate will be assessed with “Enhanced 360-Degree Feedback” and this feedback will be used in both the candidates “Action Learning” and to create his or her developmental plan. 

Stage Two: Training Via Action Learning

Each participant will engage in “Action Learning” the purpose of which is to bring the learning out of the classroom and provide an opportunity for real life application in the participants’ work environment.  By working on real-life problems with tangible ROI (return on investment), each participant will both learn more about themselves, about their skills and strategies, and about the organization for which they work. 

Stage Two is comprised of three components: Leadership, Negotiation and Presentation competency building.  Each component will consist of highly customized course work, individualized results driven projects and highly focused coaching and mentoring.  Each participant will have access to Dr. Brad McRae and two internal executives from his or her organization who will serve as internal coaches for each of the following three modules.

Leadership Skills.  The training will consist of two days of leadership training with a leadership development project in between Leadership I and Leadership II.  There will be two guest lecturers, one at each leadership session. Between Leadership I and II, the participants will complete a three-day cycle of negotiating and influencing courses, a two-day cycle on presentation skills, with an extra half day for follow-up.  Each of the courses will be customized to best meet the needs of the participants and of the organization.  Sample course descriptions are attached at the end of this proposal. 

Negotiation Skills.  The negotiation training will consist of three days of negotiation and influencing skills, with a negotiating and influencing project in between Negotiation I and Negotiation II.  During the one-day follow-up course all of the previous course material will be reviewed and then the participants will watch an actual case with Roger Fisher.  The participants will also report on the success of their influencing initiative during the third day. 

Presentation Skills.  There will be a two-day course of effective presentation skills and a half-day follow-up.  These sessions will cover every aspect of the presentation from organization to delivery.  These skills will be applied to all types of presentation from one-on-one presentations to presentations to large groups.  Lastly, each participant will bring an existing presentation, which will serve as basis for constructive feedback both from the instructor and from the other participants. 

In total there will be seven and a half days of training as well as individual coaching with each of the participants.

Stage Three: Evaluation

A procedure will be developed and administered by which the 8 participants in this “Action Learning” Program are carefully evaluated to document what they have learned as well as the results they have achieved from being in this program.  Lastly, the program itself will be evaluated to insure that there is a positive and measurable return on investment.