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Whether in business, politics, the not-for-profit sector or volunteer organizations, leadership is one of the most important and most often discussed topics.  To help people become more effective leaders, there are dozens of leadership books published every year, and more and more leaders are turning to personal coaches. However, the fact remains that the most effective lessons in leadership often come from great leaders themselves.  In Canada we under-recognize, under-acknowledge, and under-appreciate our own leaders, which comes at a significant cost, because by doing so we deny future generations of Canadians the role-models they need to aspire to leadership positions. The Seven Strategies of Master Leaders provides the reader with the opportunity to study and learn from a cross-section of contemporary Master Canadian Leaders.


The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators





Whether negotiating a multi-million dollar contract, terms with a new supplier, a raise with the boss, or your child’s allowance, everyone finds themselves striking partnerships and “making deals” on a daily basis. In The Seven Strategies Of Master Negotiators, author Brad McRae interviews 21 of Canada’s top negotiators to gain insight into their negotiating secrets. Combined with his own experience teaching thousands of people to negotiate, he presents the seven key strategies that can make you a Master Negotiator.

The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters




The purpose of The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters is to help the reader develop presentation strategies and skills and become more like the Master Presenters interviewed in the book.  These same skills and techniques can help the reader become a more effective presenter regardless of whether it is a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a presentation to a small group, or a presentation to audiences of a thousand or more. 

From Our Grandmother's Lap:
Lessons for a Lifetime





This book celebrates grandmothers through stories told by those who were loved and influenced by them most – their grandchildren.  Grandmothers are the source of family wisdom, keepers of family history and guardians of family culture.  They are the healers. Peacemakers and nurturers who help hold our families together.  The grandmothers in this book teach us the importance of family and are also models of how to accomplish things that we would not think are possible.  They are the source of unconditional love.


Wise Decisions Ahead: Master Decision Makers Workbook

Decision making is one of the most important facets in leading a fulfilling professional and personal life. In fact, it has been often said that what we are today is the sum total of all the decisions we have made thus far in our lives. It is also true that the quality of our lives both at work and with our families and friends depends on making the best possible decisions. Yet decision making is seldom taught explicitly at school, and usually not all that well in organizations either. Not only must you make good decisions, those decisions must be made in a timely manner, especially as the world becomes faster-paced and more complex.


Master Negotiator's Preparation Form with Instructions



Master Negotiator's Preparation Workbook


Master Presenter's Preparation Workbook



Envisioning Perfect Your Career

Graham Greene said, “Every now and again a door opens and lets the future in.” This workbook was designed to be a door to help you let your future in. It will help you determine your true purpose in life and develop a detailed action plan on how to get there. You will also determine where you derive maximum satisfaction: in your career, retirement, and your life. You will also identify areas for improvement.


Practical Time Management
How to get more things done in less time

How To Study For Comprehensive Exams and Keep Your Sanity: A Graduate Student’s Handbook



How To Write a Thesis and Keep Your Sanity



Special Report 1-1: Transform Your Career From Good to Great


This special report examines how two concepts from Jim Collins' book Good to Great can be applied to help individual performers reach levels of peak performance  
Special Report on Career Counseling and the Older Teenager/Young Adult

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This special report is designed to help both teenagers and their parents make better and more informed choices concerning college and university education and in choosing what to study once they have been accepted.