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Four of the keynotes and seminars that Brad presents are:
The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters 
The Seven Strategies of Master Leaders
Optimal EQ: Developing and Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence






The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters

The emphasis in The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters is on the development and practical application of presentation strategies and skills. These same skills and techniques can help the participant become a more effective presenter.

This program is designed to be highly interactive. It contains many exercises; each one carefully constructed, to help the participant develop and enhance their content, delivery and presentation style. The participant will learn how to make their presentations more memorable, actionable, and transferable to the workplace so that the presentation has both an immediate and a lasting impact. The participant will also learn how to obtain salient feedback so they absolutely know what is working and what needs to be improved.

This program is designed for those giving presentations whether it is a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a presentation to a small group, or an audience of a thousand.

The Seven Strategies used by Master Presenters are:

I: Know Thy Audience
II: Prepare Outstanding Content
III: Use Superior Organization
IV: Develop Dynamic Delivery
V: Make It Memorable, Actionable and Transferable
VI: Manage Yourself, Difficult Participants and Difficult Situations
VII: Total Quality Improvement