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Meeting Planners

The difference between a good meeting and a poor one often rests with the choice of professional speakers.  Meeting planners wisely choose speakers who have the intellectual power and the emotional force to move people to take new approaches and use new skills.

Dr. Brad McRae, CSP is consistently rated at the top of the scale on both the content of his presentations and on the style with which his topics are presented.  Brad’s presentations are ones that have the intellectual power through the crafting of meaningful, significant, consequential messages and the emotional force to move participants to new ways of thinking and behaving.  

Brad is known for his high energy and creativity, high levels of audience participation, and the variety in his presentation style.  Brad has been chosen as a Platinum Level Speakers for six years by Meeting Professionals International. 

Here's what industry experts say about Brad McRae's Presentations

Your keynote was a perfect compliment to our conference theme “Performance Under Fire”.  With speakers such as David Frum, Walter Gretzky and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in our program… you helped us achieve our goal to make this conference the best in our 25 year history.”

                    - Walter Vrataric,
                       Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen


“Brad McRae is a Master Teacher.  In North America, he is one of the best at teaching “win-win” negotiating skills.”

                     - Miriam Carver, President
                        The Carver Institute, Montreal


“Brad’s presentation was dynamic.  The information is practical and can be put to use immediately.”

                    - Giovanni Cozzarelli, Director of         
                       Administration and Finance
                       H.E.B., Monterrey, Mexico


“Brad McRae is one of the best in the business.”

                    - Ty Gibbson, Senior Manager
                       Major Canadian Railroad


“Dr. McRae’s informative keynote speech on Optimal EQ was insightful, inspiring and relevant to both our work and family lives.”

                     - Terri Chessman, Senior Project Manager
                        Master of Ceremonies Project Management Institute