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Executive Retreat

A documented return of 600% on our investment.  While the financial returns on our investment are impressive, they pale in comparison to the benefits we gained individually and collectively for our team ─ to make a group of ordinary people truly believe they can accomplish the extraordinary. 

John Rocca,
President & CEO,
Ellerdale Investments Ltd.

Our Executive Retreats provide a unique collaboration among your management team and our qualified facilitators to gain tremendous insight into the dynamics of your team and create a very real opportunity for team success.

Professionally Facilitated:

  • Management Planning
  • Executive, Leadership, Negotiation and Presentation Retreats
  • Team Building Retreats

Gain Insight On:

  • Leadership Styles
  • The Changing Role of the Leader
  • Improved Negotiation and Presentation Skills
  • The Team's Style of Interaction

Our facilitators have a combined 60+ years in the corporate, government, not-for-profit and volunteer sector as facilitators and trainers. To learn more about the benefits and to book your organizational retreat contact Brad at